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Many innovators need access to skilled technical people, especially engineers in disciplines other than their own in order to complete their designs and prototypes and integrate them into existing infrastructure.

We are partnering with skilled engineers, and associations of engineers to help bring support where its needed.

Some of the skills we are hoping to locate include: Rapid prototyping; Simulation (especially a virtual windtunnel); CNC machining etc.

There is also a list of current technical requests.

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Pairing professionals with problems and giving them the infrastructure to execute.

What happens when you put highly skilled professionals face-to-face with real world issues and give them the resources to make a change?

Reallocate is a non-profit organization that leverages a volunteer network of high-level technologists, designers, and innovative thinkers to holistically solve real-world problems.  Reallocate gives experts the structure and means to identify and address issues faced in developing and disenfranchised parts of the world.

By dynamically assembling teams of world changers, and giving them resources through strategic partnerships and funding, Reallocate is capable of assessing a wide range of problems and executing innovative and effective solutions.

Natural Innovation is looking forward to collaborating with Reallocate to match engineers up with problems of our Innovators, and in taking some of Reallocate's solutions to scale

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Selco Labs LogoMany technologies make it out of the lab and into production, but fail to be accepted by the rural poor for whom they were intended. We are very happy to partner with SELCO Labs who have experience in bridging that last mile and in supporting the critical feedback process that needs to be incorporated into the design of products for the Bottom Of The Pyramid.

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Harita Resources

Natural Innovation is partnering with Harita who have expertise in bringing products to manufacture in India. They will help the innovators that we are working with to select appropriate manufacturers and act as the eyes and ears at the factory to make sure that promises of quality, and delivery times are met.


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Most of the ideas that approach us are not yet complete technically, by matching your skills, and an innovators needs, there is a potential to make a big difference and remove the next blockage on the route to a successful invention.

We can deal with various levels of commitment, from those wanting to drop everything and work alongside an innovator in a developing country, to people happy to lend their skills for small projects they can do alongside their day-job or as a university project.

We are interested in hearing both from individuals, and from organisations (such as chapters of Engineers Without Borders, or student associations etc).

At this point we are also building capacity, so that we have a range of skills that can be made available. Specific skills that we think will be needed include:

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • CNC machining
  • Engineers of all descriptions - including electronic, mechanical, electrical.
  • People who understand "Design for Manufacture"
  • 3D modellers - skilled in Autocad or similar software.

Some of the innovators have made specific requests - which are listed below.

(see all - not just technical - requests)



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