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UV Aquastar has designed simple, affordable devices that treat water with ultra-violet light, killing pathogens and enabling people to take control of supplying their own safe drinking water. A mobile (bottle or stirrer) and a spigot integrated into water dispensers can be powered by battery, solar panel or grid.

A billion people lack access to safe drinking water leading to 1.6m deaths/year (WHO). While many potential solutions exist, they are either unaffordable; large scale, risking re-contamination; degrade over time, often without indication; or add toxics such as chlorine often leaving a bad taste.

UV Aquastar's goal is affordable, effective, water treatment that empowers families to take control of their drinking water across the developing world.

UV Aquastar will supply three products, the mUV (a float/stirrer); the UV Aquastore (a bottle) and the UV Spigot, a simple, affordable spigot that fits into common water dispensers in people’s homes. All three can be powered by a small battery or solar panel & treat water with ultra-violet light, killing pathogens and enabling safe drinking water for the billion+ that lack it.

The developing world market for water purifiers is in the billions of dollars. Around 884 million are using unimproved water sources. UV Aquastar believes that the problem of drinking water needs addressing at the scale of the problem. Their target is to reach sales of 2 million by the end of Year 3, touching 10 million people, and saving 16,000 lives per year.

mUV and AquastarThis project has that rare combination, a potential to have very high impact, while simultaneously generating a good financial return. To really take this project to scale quickly, UV Aquastar is looking to raise a bit over $2m.

Kurt Kuhlmann and Dan Matthews bring decades of experience designing products, with particular focus on developing countries,

Natural Innovation is helping UV Aquastar with business planning; finance raising; and relationships

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