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... team at Tamera, a very different community of about 200 people in Portugal, it is much more intense and intellectual, and is researching all kinds of technology for food and energy, with a focus on autonomous ...
Friday, 24 December 2010
2. Project - Sunvention
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I first came across Sunvention when I was looking for some technology for UES to improve energy efficiency in their greenhouses. We traveled to Tamera in Portugal and met Jürgen Kleinwächter there. Apart ...
Friday, 24 December 2010
... But I've enjoyed living in many places, ten countries in all, including reasonably long stints in India, Indonesia, Germany, Portugal, and the US. I really want to thank the people who have opened their ...
Friday, 24 December 2010
4. Solar Power Villages
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... on this hot-oil and Scheffler mirrors Stand alone solar thermal water pumping A fully working version of this system has been installed at the Tamara eco-village in Portugal, incorporating all these ...
Friday, 22 October 2010

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