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There aren't many other people or organisations actively supporting technology innovators in, or focused on, developing countries.  Here are listed a few of those we've been in touch with.

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The third annual Unreasonable Institute will unite 25 exceptional, early-stage entrepreneurs for 6 weeks in the summer of 2012 in the beautiful, entrepreneurial city of Boulder, Colorado.  Over the course of these 6 weeks, chosen entrepreneurs will live and work with 50 world-class mentors and portfolio managers from over 20 impact investment funds. They'll pitch ventures to hundreds of potential partners and funders, gain access to legal and design support services, and receive unprecedented levels of media exposure.

Natural Innovation has enjoyed interacting with last year's fellows, several of which have, in our opinion, the chance to make a globally significant impact. Since Unreasonable's short term intensive program is a great complement to our longer term mentoring, Natural Innovation has partnered with Unreasonable to explore ways we can support each other.

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Partners - Villgro - Enterprise development and Support PDF Print E-mail

Villgro logoVillgro identifies and supports rural social innovation in India through a number of programs including a small fund; a mentoring program and an emerging distribution channel.

We have been impressed by their team and incubatees and have been participating in Villgro's first "Pre Incubation Program" where Mitra is mentoring Cleanstar, a vertically integrated biofuels startup.

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William James Foundation PDF Print E-mail

William James Foundation runs business plan competitions for Social Entrepreneurs, many of whom are from Developing Countries.  A single entry to WJF can place a Social Enterprise into a number of competitions.

Natural Innovation is an outreach partner, and we encourage and support our incubatees to apply to WJF.

Mitra Ardron has been a Judge in this competition for the last few years, and concurs with Ian Fisk's (WJF's executive director) conclusions that the extensive feedback that entrants receive is at least as valuable as the kudos that comes from winning or reaching the finals.

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