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1. Humanitarian License 24 July 2011.pdf
(Attached to Article: Humanitarian License)
Humanitarian License 24 July 2011.pdf (Filename: Humanitarian License (Jul. 24, 2011 DRAFT).pdf) | Description:A draft template of a license for technology use for humanitarian purposes ...
Thursday, 28 July 2011
2. Plain English Guide to the Humanitarian License 24jul11.pdf
(Attached to Article: Humanitarian License)
Plain English Guide to the Humanitarian License 24jul11.pdf (Filename: Plain English Guide to the Humanitarian License 24jul11.pdf) | Description:A plain english guide to the Humanitarian License  ...
Thursday, 28 July 2011
3. Humanitarian License
(About Us/News)
The first public draft of Natural Innovation's "Humanitarian License" is now available on the web site. Both a plain English and a legalese version are available. Written by Mitra & San Francisco based ...
Saturday, 24 September 2011
4. Humanitarian License
... a standardised license to allow humanitarian licensing of technologies, from for-profits to non-profits and social ventures.     Challenge The developing world needs every tool it can get to ...
Thursday, 28 July 2011
5. Legal - Comar Law
(Partners/Other Partners)
... human rights cases.     Inder Comar of Comar Law has been providing pro-bono assistance to Natural Innovation's Humanitarian License project.  Comar Law  ...
Thursday, 28 April 2011
Inder Comar is an Intellectual Property lawyer with Comar Law. He has been working pro-bono with Natural Innovation on the project to produce a generic Humanitarian License. Comar Law specializes in ...
Thursday, 28 April 2011
I've been working on an idea for a simple licensing agreement that for-profit developers of technology can use to allow their inventions to be used for humanitarian purposes. It is intended for use when ...
Thursday, 24 March 2011

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