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1. The funding gap
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As part of Natural Innovation's mission to improve the climate for technology innovation, Mitra has been trying to get the message out that the Social Entrepreneurship / Impact Investment space needs ...
Saturday, 24 September 2011
... for a while within Natural Innovation but has now been spun off as a seperate social venture so that it could raise the capital needed to succeed. Lumeter Networks has now developed a range of meters for ...
Saturday, 19 February 2011
3. Social Ventures
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During my time in San Francisco I joined the "Hub" and really grew to appreciate the Social Entreprenurs who used its shared working space. It deepened my commitment to the space between charities and ...
Friday, 24 December 2010
4. Project - Sunvention
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... Sunvention as a Social Venture, focused on how to maximise its impact, rather than generate a return. I came out to Germany after SoCap and am still here. At this time, we are still looking for investors ...
Friday, 24 December 2010
Several clips of an interview at SoCap10 with Mitra Ardron appear in this video by the Uptake explaining Social Capital and Social Ventures. From the Uptake's site   There are ...
Wednesday, 06 October 2010
6. About Us
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Natural Innovation is on indefinite hold as Mitra focuses all his energy on Lumeter Networks, an idea incubated under NI and now spun out as an independent social enterprise. There have been conversations ...
Monday, 25 January 2010

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