Our multi-disciplinary tream bridges technology and sustainability, with experience ranging from marketing to community participation, from investment to philanthropy.

Mitra Ardron - Founder, Executive Director PDF Print E-mail

Mitra Ardron

Mitra is now CEO of Lumeter Networks so Natural innovation is on hold pending another person being available to run it.

Mitra has been working for many years on commercialising and scaling green innovations, he brings skills in assessing innovations for viability and finding routes to completing the technology, and deploying it into a market.

Most recently, he provided business support to Urban Ecological Systems to raise finance, and complete their crucial first sale. He setup and managed Australia's fastest growing solar photovoltaic supplier. In the late '80's he was a founder of the Association for Progressive Communications and GreenNet which pioneered the early development of the internet and its use internationally by non-profits, and change-agents. He was also acting CEO of Papyrus Australia, (PPY.ASX), and helped found Zeo International.

Mitra still occasionally provides consulting services to VC's and Angels on the technical and business evaluation of potential cleantech investments.

See Mitra's blog and his resume.

Brewster Kahle - Advisor PDF Print E-mail

BBrewster Kahlerewster Kahle is the founder and Digital Librarian at the Internet Archive. Brewster is widely recognized for his ability to grow a technology-driven non-profit to scale, and to have relevance and impact through drawing on the worlds of business, technology and government.

David Wyatt - Advisor PDF Print E-mail

David Wyatt is the former chair of Papyrus Australia (PPY.AX).

David brings a background with taking several companies, including Papyrus to stock exchange listings, and with the challenge of maintaining social and environmental relevance while simultaneously satisfying investors.

Inder Comar - Advisor - Intellectual Property Law PDF Print E-mail

IInder Comarnder Comar is an Intellectual Property lawyer with Comar Law. He has been working pro-bono with Natural Innovation on the project to produce a generic Humanitarian License.

Comar Law specializes in cutting edge legal areas where strategic thinking, creativity and professionalism are necessities. With a focus on employment, intellectual property, internet and civil and human rights cases.

Martin Fisher - Advisor - Market Development PDF Print E-mail

Martin FisherMartin Fisher is the co-founder and CEO of KickStart. KickStart works with the design, development and most importantly distribution of products that enable people to escape poverty in East Africa. It is not enough just to design a product that people like. Poor people have little money to waste, so even the most useful product has to be introduced into a supply chain. Martin brings his expertise in that process, and with using technology and tools to alleviate poverty in Africa.

Mike North - Advisor - Engineering and Industrial Design PDF Print E-mail

Mike NorthDr. North holds bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in engineering with focuses on mechanical design, rapid prototyping, and nanotechnology.  He’s published in a half dozen major scientific journals, including the journal Nature; and continues to speak internationally on design and innovation.  Mike masterminded builds on the Discovery Channel show Prototype This!, where he led teams of crack inventors, scientists, builders, and engineers to create never before seen spectacles of engineering.  Inventions ranged from an omni-directionally driving stilt lifting traffic busting truck to a 30-foot tall waterslide simulator to cutting-edge lifesaving fire fighting equipment.  Currently Mike is bringing innovation to the toy industry as Chief Technology Officer at Nukotoys, Inc.; runs his own design consultancy, North Design Labs, LLC; and is founder and director of, a non-profit that uses expertise in the developed world to solve real world problems in developing countries.



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