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Natural Innovation’s Executive Director, Mitra Ardron is available for consulting to companies or organisations that are working with Clean Technologies.

The fee for these services support the work of Natural Innovation .org.


Areas of expertise

Mitra has been involved – as a consultant, principal, or senior staff at more than 20 start-ups, and has seen both failures and successes including acquisition; stock exchange listing; and rapid – industry changing – growth. He has worked across most areas of Cleantech, including Energy, Food & Materials.

Along with his involvement in the early days of Internet commercialisation this experience has led to an understanding of rapid growth in an environment where technology risk is expected, and where the social and environmental impacts may be a crucial factor in success.

The breath of Mitra’s experience is valuable in cost-effectively assisting in rapidly achieving results, and where applicable can lead to more in-depth consulting by specialists.

Mitra has lived and worked in the US; UK; Australia; India & Russia.

Investment Assessment

Mitra advises investors on the viability, or otherwise of a potential investment. Typically this involves reviewing documentation provided by the potential partner and material available publically over the web, or by discrete inquiries through my extensive network of contacts.

Reviews may be quick and informal – a once off read through a paper and a comment such as a pointer to an obvious weakness; or can be thorough with in-depth reports; and can if applicable involve integrating, or commenting on reports by domain experts. Mitra is used to working both completely independently of the investees, or participating in meetings alongside the investors.

Areas typically covered include the technology; team; market; timelines; financials etc.

Technology Assessment

In particular, and not just for investors, Mitra is frequently called on to review technology proposals – for example during assessing potential Joint Ventures.

Mitra maintains an extensive network of technical contacts, which coupled with his own breadth of experience, may remove the need to locate and engage a specialist. Mitra can help you understand whether the line “This problem is trivial” is accurate, or is where the bulk of their time and your money will be spent.

Mitra is particularly good at looking at new ideas with an open-mind, in a way that picks out the gems from the rubbish, especially in “fringe” areas.

Strategic Planning

Mitra assists organisations with strategic planning, helping bring a fresh, yet experienced, perspective that has frequently proved valuable either in identifying minor tweaks, or major redesigns or in bringing teams together around a common path forward.

Social Venture Development

From creating Green Businesses, to building non-profits Mitra has a particular interest in helping bridge the gap between high impact, and financial success for example Mitra led a project that changed Australia’s solar industry through very large scale community group purchases that made solar accessible to all homeowners.

Finance Raising

Mitra can help a company see itself through the lens of an investor, and understand where its weak areas are, and look at how to fix or mitigate them.

Business Plans and Presentations

A good business plan is an essential tool to any finance (or grant) raising, or strategic relationships. Writing a business plan, and developing accompanying presentations, does not have to be a lengthy process and Mitra frequently reviews existing plans, assists in developing new ones, or writes them from scratch.

Spreadsheets & Financial Planning

Mitra is an Excel wizard, and can help you develop the models that both accurately represent your business or technology, and then clearly present numbers that help explain it to others.


Our charges will depend on the work to be carried out and the impact of the organisation. In some cases payment can be in the form of equity, or be contingent on future success.

All consulting comes with a simple satisfaction guarantee. If its not worth it, then you don’t pay for it!



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