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Most of the ideas that approach us are not yet complete technically, by matching your skills, and an innovators needs, there is a potential to make a big difference and remove the next blockage on the route to a successful invention.

We can deal with various levels of commitment, from those wanting to drop everything and work alongside an innovator in a developing country, to people happy to lend their skills for small projects they can do alongside their day-job or as a university project.

We are interested in hearing both from individuals, and from organisations (such as chapters of Engineers Without Borders, or student associations etc).

At this point we are also building capacity, so that we have a range of skills that can be made available. Specific skills that we think will be needed include:

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • CNC machining
  • Engineers of all descriptions - including electronic, mechanical, electrical.
  • People who understand "Design for Manufacture"
  • 3D modellers - skilled in Autocad or similar software.

Some of the innovators have made specific requests - which are listed below.

(see all - not just technical - requests)

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