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Tuesday, 11 January 2011 22:45

Mitra is back in India again, continuing to figure better ways to get tehnology into the hands of the people who need it most. And ... its not just "them", it won't matter how much "we" improve our sustainability in the West, if the South follows the only model it knows to get out of poverty - coal, oil and over-consumption.


This trip is primarily about meeting with people: NGO's; companies; and individuals; with experience in distributing technology to the (especially rural) poor. I've got meetings lined up in Delhi (11-12 Jan); Pune (13-14); Mumbai (15 & maybe 16); Mangalore (17) Puttaparthi 18 Bangalore 19-20 Chennai 21-22 Auroville 23-29 (though those dates are tentative, and especially the later ones are likely to shift back a day or so).


In particular I'm discussing the SunPulse Water the amazing solar thermal water pump from Sunvention.

If I should be talking to you - or someone else - then I'd love to hear - use the contact form - it will get to me.


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