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Mitra Ardron

Mitra is now CEO of Lumeter Networks so Natural innovation is on hold pending another person being available to run it.

Mitra has been working for many years on commercialising and scaling green innovations, he brings skills in assessing innovations for viability and finding routes to completing the technology, and deploying it into a market.

Most recently, he provided business support to Urban Ecological Systems to raise finance, and complete their crucial first sale. He setup and managed Australia's fastest growing solar photovoltaic supplier. In the late '80's he was a founder of the Association for Progressive Communications and GreenNet which pioneered the early development of the internet and its use internationally by non-profits, and change-agents. He was also acting CEO of Papyrus Australia, (PPY.ASX), and helped found Zeo International.

Mitra still occasionally provides consulting services to VC's and Angels on the technical and business evaluation of potential cleantech investments.

See Mitra's blog and his resume.