• Financial Needs

    We like to match our technology partners up with appropriate financial resources. These could include:

    • Grant funding to enable the completion of a prototype, or production of documentation and training materials to allow for dissemination of an idea. It could also involve funds to pay for resources e.g. legal, that we aren't able to support with volunteers.
    • Working capital is needed in some cases to allow operations to happen at scale, for example component purchases.
    • Micro-finance is needed where the people who need the technology do not have cash available to purchase it, but where there are savings that allow for repayments over time. For example because of reduced kerosene needs for lighting.

    Below are current requirements of our partners, but we would also like to build connections with partners who can assist in any of the ways listed above.

  • Other Needs

    Our partners are in need of all kinds of skilled help, and here is where your training and resources can help. We are looking to build connections with people who can offer legal help, assistance with design (including web), marketing and business etc.

    In most cases the help can be provided over the internet, but there may also be opportunities to match skilled people up to travel and work with our partners in their own - usually developing country - locations.

    Below are some of our current requirements.


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